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Company Profile


          Suzhou AGV Robot Co. Ltd., located in Suzhou Industrial Park, founded in December 2011, is a high-tech and software enterprise  focusing on intelligent logistics solutions based on AGV technology.


          The company's AGV product lines include non-reflector laser fork-type  AGV series owning both international  and national invention patents, magnetic navigation AGV  series and AGV system.


          AGV Robot is the first company in China that developed non-marker navigation fork-type AGV based on independent R&D and got a large amount of applications.


          It is the intelligent logistics system supplier for “Made in China 2025”.plan



Suzhou AGV Robot Co. Ltd.






Agv robest core team 
Co founder / Chairman:PhD leader
Doctor degree in engineering 
Talents of science and technology in Suzhou Park
General manager:Advanced mobile robot expert
Master’s  degree of robotics in Shanghai Jiaotong University
The founder of AGV Robot
Technical team:Multiple AGV experts
Work in  AGV industry for many years, focusing on AGV system research and implementation.
Chief financial officer:Financial expert 
more than 20 years of financial management experience, has served in the GCL and Japan's Kyocera Corp and other famous enterprises.
General manager of marketing center :Intelligent logistics industry cooperation expert
In a number of well-known logistics automation companies as market executives,  has great market development ability
AGV Robot has 100 employees, more than 50% R & D personnel, more than 20% project technical service personnel, and more than 15% has the master's degree and above.