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Tire industry

Sai Lun group is one of the top five tire companies in China and is also China's first A share listed private tire enterprise.
Project background: this project is one of the 17 pilot demonstration projects for intelligent manufacturing organized by Chinese MIIT. 
The project integrated ERP, digital control system, RFID control system, bar code logistics system and AGV handling system.
The AGV handling system realizes the unmanned logistics in the workshop up to 72 thousand square meters by  more than 20 non-reflector laser navigation stacking fork-type AGVs.
AGV system integrated with MES, WMS and ERP achieves the real-time information management of the whole intelligent logistics system.
The quality of production has increased by 0.5 %, line margin inventory has decreased by 50% and the standardized management has been significantly improved by analyzing the big data.
The non-reflector laser navigation fork-type AGV system does not need any markers and can  control  a large quantity of AGVs in a limited space to handling materials.
The AGV system optimizes the efficiency of AGVs by using intelligent algorithm meeting the requirements of high intensity production beat.
This project is a reconstruction project of an old tire factory. It uses flexible navigation technology to overcome the narrow space problem. It can be copied in both new  and old tire factory.
The processes in tire production involve vulcanization, molding, cutting, extrusion and rubber mixing. This project is used in rubber mixing and it can also be used in  other processes of tire factory.