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Automotive industry

The Great Wall car company is the first China private car company in Hongkong H - shares listed and the company is also the largest domestic SUV manufacturer. 
This project is to construct the intelligent handling system of HAVAL factory  which has been the champion of SUV market in China for 14 years.
The project  realizes automatic material handling  among 4 plane libraries, 11 production lines and 4 different kinds of materials by using  2 non-reflector laser navigation fork-type AGVs .
The AGV handling system is composed of non-reflector laser navigation fork-type AGVs, AGVS, WMS and WCS. It can give real-time, accurate and visualization information of the logistic.
Technical features and advantages 
The non-reflector laser navigation fork-type AGV system does not need any markers and automatically transports 4 different kinds of materials among 4 plane libraries and 11 production lines.
 Project  prospect 
This project constructed intelligent material handling system in the automobile industry. It overcame difficulties of multiple materials and compact beat and  worked with mechanical arms. It is very suitable to handling materials in automobile factories.