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Electronics industry

Turkey VESTEL company is the largest manufacturer of electronic products and appliances in Europe. 
The project is the first step to establish the digital workshop. It can get through the information flow among production, storage and management based on AGV handling system .
The first phase of the project  completes unmanned handling  and carrier recovery of partial lines by using  4 non-reflector laser navigation fork-type AGVs equipped with AGVS and WCS.
The following phases will transport all raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products by using a total number of non-reflector laser navigation fork-type AGVs.
Technical features and advantages
In the future, the project will be extended to the handling of semi-finished products and finished products.  It is more easy to change the path of non-reflector laser navigation AGVs which has great advantages in  maintenance and extension. 
Project  prospect 
The project is designed and implemented with European standard and cooperated with the European equipment and systems. This AGV handling system can be applied in other European factories.