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Home appliance industry

A famous multinational enterprise group company
Project use industry: household appliances
Application model: A G V latent A G V back powered roller type  A G V of laser forklift without reflector
A famous multinational enterprise group is also the 500 largest listed company in the world, including many international subsidiaries, which involves many fields, such as electrical, electronic, mechanical, chemical and many other fields.
With the promotion of industrial 4, and the rising of human cost, the efficiency of operation is not before, and the stock of the field is high. So the heavy manual labor is given to the machine, and the man is free! As a new type of automated logistics equipment, A G V has special advantages in long-distance, frequent and high-intensity transportation, and effectively helps factories solve such problems.
Finally, because of the promotion of the project, the application of  A G V car greatly reduced the labor intensity of the workers, improved the workshop automation level of the customers, improved the overall image and reduced the logistics cost to the greatest extent.
Scene picture:
 The non-reflector laser navigation forktype A G V
Figure 1
Figure 2
Figure 3