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        National High-tech Enterprise
        Software Enterprise 
        Science and Technology Leading Enterprise
        The nation’s top ten Innovation  AGV  Product Award
        Ranking seventh  in the top ten China AGV brand in 2017
        The only enterprise in SIP won the gold medal of the machinery patent of Jiangsu Province in 2017

Intellectual Property Rights and Patents
        40 AGV related patents
        20  AGV related invention patents 
        17 utility model patents
        7 software copyrights
        The non-reflector  laser navigation fork-type AGV technology had won both  Chinese and American invention patent and the 2017 Jiangsu machinery industry patent gold award.
patent list

Software copyrights
Software copyrights


Cooperation and Support from Government
AGV Robot got “non-reflector laser navigation technology development and experimental center”in 2016
AGV Robot got “Innovation base of intelligent handling robot in Suzhou”in 2015