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Non-reflector Laser Navigation AGV

The non-reflector laser forklift AGV can achieve AGV positioning and obstacle avoidance of laser navigation forklifts without installation of reflectors. It can model a map within 15 minutes to replace the laying and maintenance of all logos, similar to establishment of an indoor GPS station, which can be positioned to any place, greatly improving the utilization of forklift AGV. 


1. There is no need to lay auxiliary navigation signs, through rapidly establishing map addressing navigation, it has high degree of flexibility, to adapt to the layout changes; 
2. It is applicable to long-distance operation of the whole factory, and it can be re-used in different paths, with high efficiency of utilization; 
3. Its interface is open. The host computer scheduling system can be chosen or customized according to customer needs, and the client end can be directly scheduled; 
4. There is no need of on-site construction, with low maintenance costs; remote monitoring and diagnosis can be achieved; 
5. Have interaction with WMS, MES information, to realize system integration;
6. Optional RFID two-dimensional codes can identify the trays and goods, and complete the database management; 
7. It is safe and human-computer interactive, compatible with the forklift handle functions, equipped with high-end robot forklift functions. 
The intuitive experience of non-reflector laser forklift AGV is to precede similar types of forklift AGV products in the application scenario, but the matching of non-reflector forklift AGV and future artificial intelligence scene will be a great tipping point, which is a unique advantage of non-reflector forklift AGV.