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AGV makes the manufacturing industry bigger and stronger in 2025

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2017/09/04 14:32
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Manufacturing is the basis for a country to become rich. A country will not become a world power in a real sense without strong support of manufacturing industry. Advanced manufacturing industries, especially the high-end equipment manufacturing industry, have become the commanding heights of international competition. The market analysis of AGV showed that, although more than two hundred of Chinese products rank first in the industries in the world, the manufacturing industry in china is still facing a situation-“large but not strong”. "Made in China 2025" will promote to change of Chinese manufacturing industry from a big country to a powerful nation.


During the May 1, Dr. Ermakov, a research fellow from Fraunhofer industry 4.0 said that, the manufacturing industry should achieve the digitalization of full lifecycle from design to the recycling. The digitalization can, on one hand, improve the product flexibility, produce by orders and achieve personalized configuration, shorten the delivery time; and on the other hand, the equipment’s digital capabilities should be achieved, by this way, various data for the equipment use and operation can be effectively collected, stored and analyzed, to provide the remote operation and maintenance services; when a number of data are accumulated, it’s getting easier. This is very similar to our smart plants and smart products in "Made in China 2025". 


Enterprises can enhance the speed and efficiency through the intelligent interconnection factory, which is of great significance to the reduction of operating costs, increase of product quality and reduction of resource consumption. The director of LINUO RITTER said, 15 sets of robots have been installed in four operation units in our production line, which are operated by 11 auxiliary workers, and it can achieve the annual production of 200,000 sets of flat solar collectors and per capita annual output value of over 7 million yuan. Fifteen robots are working for welding, gluing and mounting cover plate, or placing insulation cotton……After a number of unattended processes, the refine flat solar collectors are delivered to the warehouses by AGV automatic pallet trucks, or to the truck waiting outside the door. 


In terms of national strategy, AGV industry is closed associated with the industrial policy in the “Made in China 2025” issued by the state government. It is a key industry supported by the state. AGV is a very important module in the intelligent factory. It is an important link from the automatic loading and unloading from intelligent machinery and equipment in the factory to the completely unmanned logistics and transport handling.  AGV is a leading enterprise of AGV carts. Through continuous innovation, the enterprise enhances the industrial value, leads the R&D and innovation of intelligent AGV carts and promotes the development of Chinese AGV industry. At present, AGV carts, AGV central control systems, logistics automation equipments, unmanned automatic transport systems and equipment integration data management systems produced by the company have been successfully used and confirmed in a number of TOP 500 Companies in china. 

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