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AGV non-reflector laser autonomous navigation technology is granted U.S. patent of invention

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2017/09/04 14:32
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AGV non-reflector laser autonomous navigation technology is protected by U.S. patent after granted Chinese patent of invention, which reinforces the international leading position of the technology, so that Chinese mobile robot technology is known in the world, breaking through the foreign monopoly in the laser AGV navigation technology and showing great significance for the development of domestic AGV industry. Since then, AGV non-reflector laser autonomous navigation technology is protected by both Chinese and US laws. Other manufacturers are prohibited to produce and sell this type of AGV products within the scope of protection of the patent; otherwise it will be investigated for liabilities according to laws.


AGV non-reflector laser autonomous navigation technology can achieve the positioning and obstacle avoidance of laser navigation AGV cart without installing reflectors. It has the following characteristics:  


1. There is no need of auxiliary navigation signs; through rapidly establishing map, it has high degree of flexibility, to adapt to the layout changes; 
2. It is applicable to long-distance handling of the whole factory, and it can be re-used in different paths, with high efficiency of utilization; 
3. Its interface is open and it can be dispatchable; it can be optional according to factory scheduling system or customized according to customer needs;
4. There is no need of construction, with low maintenance costs; remote monitoring and diagnosis can be achieved; 
5. Have interaction with WMS, MES information, to realize the management of storage location;  
6. Optional RFID two-dimensional codes can identify the trays and goods, and complete the database management; 
7. It is safe and human-computer interactive, compatible with the forklift handle functions, equipped with high-end robot forklift functions. 
Through PCT international patent application procedure, AGV will be granted U.S. patent firstly. According to the PCT international patent application procedure, one international patent application can be submitted for patent application in a number of member states; it is not necessary to submit an application for patent in each country separately, which means that the non-reflector laser autonomous navigation technology will be granted right of patents in many international regions in the future. 
AGVS continues to optimize while the non-reflector laser autonomous navigation technology is recognized internationally. At present, AGVS has the functions of task scheduling, operation monitoring, traffic control, wireless communications, permissions settings, data management, etc., which can be integrated with MES, WMS, ERP, RFID systems, to complete system integration. It can dispatch hundreds of AGV to achieve AGV team cooperation and enhance the AGV team efficiency.  
Non-reflector laser forklift products are brilliant in AGV markets, wining excellent market feedback. AGV has made great achievements in the technical research level and product application level by virtue of its R&D and market layout. At present, it has ranked to the seventh place among the top ten AGV. This time, AGV is recognized internationally, which is a industry's pride and the important reasons for AGV in top ten places. The non-reflector laser autonomous navigation forklift AGV application model is more comprehensive, which can be used with the automated warehouse system, or to achieve logistics and material turnover on the industrial production line. In addition, AGV continues to develop new applications and application models, for example, the integrated applications of roller forklifts. At present, the non-reflector laser autonomous navigation forklifts have been used in the automotive, home appliances, electronics, electricity, new energy and other industries, and have been exported to other countries.