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AGV financing 30 million, non-reflector laser AGV strike mightily

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2017/09/04 14:33
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AGV Industry Platform Gaogong Industry Research Institute (GGII) recently released a report that AGV ranked No.7 among the top ten enterprises of 2017 China Mobile Robot (AGV). 

In fact, AGV is not large in scales, and it focuses on the R&D and markets, since revolutionary technology research and development is the most important. 
The most customers are giant manufacturing enterprises with tens of billions of market value.  Liu Shengming said, “large customers have an extremely high requirements for the equipment acquisition, but due to lack of publicity, many customers do not know AGV before they come to Suzhou Factory and they want to conduct pre-investigation only.” 
But after seeing the solutions of AGV, they often changed their minds and decided to cooperate.  
Liu Shengming said, "In fact, customers only saw the intelligent process of handling of unmanned machines. We mainly focus on our information construction. AGV products focus on the product framework, more importantly, the autonomous docking of the AGV system, host system and the MES system.”
The difference from the competitive company is that AGV focuses on independent research and development. 
It is reported that the non-reflector laser navigation technology independently researched and developed by AGV is granted national patent of invention and U.S.A. PCT patent of invention. “The non-reflector laser navigation technology is a breakthrough of the AGV intelligent logistics system produced in china, since it is our unique.” 
Liu Shengming is proud that AGV products are exported to the Europe and the United States and the Asia-Pacific regions.  
Among unmanned handling systems or intelligent logistics solutions, the present mainstream in the Europe and the United States is to install a laser reflector to assist in the vehicle positioning operation, which is the basis of the most advanced program.  
“But reflector is difficult to be arranged in many places, with poor maintainability, leading to partial automation in the factory area; in addition, thousands of reflectors are required for the plant with thousands of square meters of area, with huge installation and maintenance costs,” said Liu Shengming. 
The worst condition is that the factory cannot operate the whole intelligent logistics.   
The non-reflector laser navigation forklift researched by AGV has made a breakthrough. As said by Liu Shengming, AGV can establish a map within 15 minutes, to replace the laying and maintenance of all logos, similar to establishment of an indoor GPS station, which can be positioned to any place, greatly improving the utilization of AGV. 
"This is our products with independent research and development, and it is the first in the world.” He further explained, “the shortest duration is 30 days, while the traditional model takes several weeks only for arrangement of reflectors, with the duration of 2-3 times of that in AGV.”  
Liu Shengming mentioned Samsung a giant company in the South Korea. “The first AGV non-reflector laser forklift AGV system is used in the Samsung China factory, Samsung general manager had great interest and visited the company, he required introduction into Samsung Korea factory, and then promotion in Samsung across the world.”  
“Since the products are forward-looking, AGV is an exclusive supplier of Samsung Suzhou factory now, and hundreds of AGV products have been used”, said Liu Shengming.