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Do you really know how AGV operates?

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2017/09/04 14:33
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AGV, Automated Guided Vehicle, refers to the transport vehicle with safety protection and a variety of transfer functions that are equipped with electromagnetic or optical automatic guidance devices to drive along the specified guide paths. AGV cart is a key equipment of modern logistics system. It is a battery-powered unmanned automatic transport vehicle, equipped with non-contact guidance device and independent addressing system. In addition to these official definitions, do you really know how the AGV operates? 


AGV can position its own location, clearly know the destination and quickly reach the destination through a certain path. How to achieve this series of steps by AGV? Taking AGV as an example, we explore the operation mechanism of AGV. 


AGV intelligent logistics system consists of two parts: AGV car and AGV system. The AGV system is further divided into upper dispatch system, ground control system and vehicle-mounted control system. Through the mutual collaboration of logistics upper dispatch system, AGV ground control system and AGV vehicle-mounted control system, the AGV vehicle control is achieved. 


In a tax company, all taxes are equipped with GPS, and in the company’s monitoring center, the location and driving path of every taxi can be known, and drivers can timely report the conditions of the vehicle passengers via the wireless communications. 


When a customer needs to take a tax, he/she can call the company’s customer service center to tell his/her location and destination, and this customer's pick-up needs can be understood as a need of logistics scheduling system. The Taxi Company’s customer service center can be understood as AGV's ground control system.