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Traction AGV

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Product description
Description:Traction-type AGV can work with trailers and tow them including the low platform trailer, which makes it easy to be detached automatically for trailers.
Guidance method Magnetic navigation
Size (static state) L935mm*W574mm*H1100mm
Walking direction Move forward and turn right and left
Speed 0-40m/min(可调节)(adjustable)
Capacity 500kg/1000kg
Service weight 195kg
Aisle width 500mm
Minimum turning radius 500mm
Guidance precision ±10mm
Battery DC24V,75AH
Charging mode Artificial charging ( automatic charging is an option)
Type of battery Lead-acid battery (automatic charging with lithium battery)
Sensing range 0-3m
Safety system Obstacle detection system, mechanical anti-collision system, emergency stop system, lighting warning, sound reporting system.


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