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Backpack AGV

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Product description
Description:Backpack-type AGV, customization type, according to the production process, without manual intervention completely automatic feeding.
Guidance method Magnetic navigation
Size (static state) L2458mm*W1076mm*H700mm(Customized)
Walking direction Move forward, back, turn around
Speed 0-40m/min(adjustable)
Capacity 500kg/1000kg/2000kg/3000kg(Customized)
Service weight 900kg(Customized)
Aisle width 1000mm(Customized)
Guidance precision ±10mm
Battery DC24V,75AH(Customized)
Charging mode Artificial charging ( automatic charging is an option)
Type of battery Lead-acid battery (automatic charging with lithium battery)
Sensing range 0-3m
Safety system Obstacle detection system, mechanical anti-collision system, emergency stop system, lighting warning, sound reporting system.
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